Saturday, July 5, 2008


First, let me apologize to those of you who read this through a reader. You may have been forced to read some of the semi-depressed beach ramblings that I had no intention of posting, but that somehow were accidentally posted for about seven seconds. I'm sorry if you had to endure that.

I'm back with my sweet, sweet man and feeling much better. Charlie actually cooed with delight when I got home and that is probably worth a million bucks or so. Apparently he'd started to get a little weepy in the evenings and like his momma, felt that a entire week was too long to be away.

I took approximately one million pictures at the beach including a scavenger hunt-type thing that my SIL and I did where we hunted for "letters" in the scenery. The best shots are in my blog stream on the right, so check them out if you'd like.

Basically, I have a ton to share and I think it's going to take a couple of posts to get it all out--nothing earth-shattering--just my run-of-mill observations about life, motherhood, and the like.

For now, though, I'm sitting at my MIL's house. She cooked us supper and my husband and the baby have fallen asleep together on the couch. I'm a few seconds from my actual house, but it feel good to be here.