Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Getting to Know You

Today we had our meet and greet with the man who will be Charlie's new neurosurgeon. As I've mentioned before, his old one is no longer working, so we had to find someone new.

To simplify things, I'd decided to visit with the guy who works with all of Charlie's other doctors. When Charlie is older he'll qualify for the cerebral palsy clinic where his physiatrist, nuerosurgeon, and nuerologist will all see him on the same day. Whoopee!

The visit was OK. We waited for about forty minutes and Charlie wasn't really feelin' it. The appointment time meant that he was in the car when he should have been napping. Basically, he was a grump who did not feel like meeting someone new. As he gets older he seems a lot less enthused about meeting new people. I liked the doctor. He seemed slow and methodical--a personality type that I like in a nuerosurgeon.

It is always hard to meet a new doctor. I forget that Charlie is a first-class science project and they're going to want to know all kinds of good stuff. Charlie, in turn, acts disinterested and annoyed and I know they're looking at him and thinking, "MY GOD THIS CHILD IS HORRIBLY PALSIED," and I just want to point out his fabulousness, but there isn't a place on the chart for delightful personality, winning smile, infectious giggle, and incredible aptitude for music. Sigh.

I did manage to cheer myself up by trying on hairstyles at I decided that I'm going to keep growing my hair out. It's finally getting out of that in-between stage, but it's been a long time coming. I also did this:

Which is completely wrong, but oh-so funny.