Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Take That

Right before we left to go on vacation we had a follow-up with Charlie's opthamologist.

It was a good, good visit.

For both the nurse and the doctor he tracked a squeaky toy that they held out for him. As an added bonus, I offered him his vibrating teether and he reached out an grabbed it.

He definitely has a blind spot on the right , but the doctor said some good things about that as well: He said that young children often regain some of their lost vision, he said that he's not necessarily missing half his vision--maybe just a piece--we'll know for sure when Charlie's older and can tell us.

I asked about the possibility that cerebral palsy was making it difficult to use his eye muscles properly. He said that was entirely possible, but that kids with CP often make dramatic improvements as they age.

At this time there was no talk of glasses or surgeries.

I asked about the eye rubbing and he seemed to think that some over-the-counter allergy drops would help. He was non-plussed and in no way seemed to think that it indicated blindness.

On that note. . . I've decided to discontinue vision services. The things I've learned I will continue to implement, but I'm moving on to other things--things that feel productive.

Just for fun, here's a little video of Charlie that my brother sent me while I was on vacation. I think he does a great job with his eyes in this one.