Monday, December 7, 2009


Last week we were all lying on the couch watching TV when our big, gray cat Max jumped up and tried to snuggle in. Charlie started trying to pet him, which he's never done before. When I say "pet" I mean pull his fur out, but it was still pretty cute.

Yesterday we went for a family trip to IHOP. When we put Charlie's plate in front of him, he lunged and swiped a piece of bacon off of it. We moved it out of arm's reach since he has a tendency to over-do on the self feeding. A few minutes later I spied him reaching and leaning with all his might until he finally snatched up a giant handful of scrambled eggs, which he then promptly shoved in his mouth, pieces of it falling everywhere. He's clearly inherited his father's table manners.

Today he was practicing standing with the OT and she told him to go ahead and dance. He promptly began smiling and clapping his hands. That he gets from me.

None of these things are huge in and of themselves, but little moments like these are happening more and more often. I'm getting many more chances to see Charlie's personality.

Leonid Bylum, the inventor of ABR, speaks often about the mindset of traditional medicine versus the mindset of alternative medicine. He proposes that traditional medicine is about "protecting" our children--preventing seizures, contractures, and dislocations. Alternative medicine seeks to enhance the lives of our children. It pushes further; it expects more. Armed with this thought, I sought to enhance Charlie's life. His seizure medicine was giving us no problems and his doctor was probably never going to suggest a change.

It can be scary to make a big decision about something like seizure medicine or botox. Maintaining the status quo is comfortable and no one will ever fault you for just doing what the doctors tell you. Venturing out on your own is a solitary experience. If something goes terribly wrong you will have only yourself to blame.

This time, I seem to have made a good decision. Keppra seems to allow Charlie to be more active and present. I'm not cocky or even self-assured, though. It really is a guessing game and this time it worked out.

A rare family photo

PS: Wednesday is the last day for the giveaway on my Facebook page. I am so loving seeing so many familiar bloggy faces over there.