Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So I'll let you guys tell me if I'm crazy. This should be fun.

Hubby got his annual bonus and there are a lot of smart things that I could use it on. And by smart, I, of course, mean more therapy of one sort or another. There's hippotherapy and regular therapy or HBOT, but the truth is that I want to spend it on one thing:


This is ridiculous. I've been to Disney World no less than a zillion times. I've even been to Disney Land. My mom has a bit of an obsession and that means that every three years (minimum) she has to take a trip to Orlando. For me, Disney has been done. But for Charlie. . . well, he's never been. He's finally getting to an age where I think he would enjoy the music and some of the rides. I've looked online and there are tons of shows that I think might be fun. Some stuff will probably go over his head--he's never even heard of Mickey Mouse--but man I'd like to take him.

Sometimes I just get sad that all of the "opportunities" that I've given to Charlie involve therapy--every extra dollar and even some dollars I don't have go towards giving him the best life possible. This time I want to spend some money on some regular kid stuff--rides, over-priced food, and giant, singing stuffed animals. Besides, I really don't know when we'll have another opportunity like this--bonuses aren't guaranteed.

Hubby said he'd only agree if we went at the cheapest time and stayed in the cheapest hotel. My research tells me that the end of January/beginning of February is officially "Value Season." We're going to drive. Ten hours is pretty grueling, but one of the un-sung advantages of the CP child is that they can make awesome car travelers. Our regular trips to Dallas take about eight hours and he does a great job. It's not like he wants to go run around so videos, music, and toys make the journey go pretty smoothly. I stretch him out and swing him around whenever we stop, so Charlie's major complaint about car rides is getting changed in the back seat of the car--freaks him out.
So am I totally crazy to try to plan a Disney World trip with a two-and-a-half-year-old only a month in advance? You can be honest. I'll probably go anyway.

Me at Disney's MGM circa 1997--please note the super-cool jeans.