Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Miracle Veteran

Candace is having a contest over at her blog. Candace invented the term "Miracle Veteran" and now she's doing a contest for all the miracle veterans out there. The contest is simple--she wants parents to describe one miracle they've witnessed while raising their special needs child.

Well, I started drawing a blank on this one. I could completely relate to the term, but suddenly all of Charlie's little accomplishments seemed, well, small.

And, man, how easy is it to do that? To work towards a goal with your child, accomplish it, celebrate, and then immediately begin taking it for granted. Just because it's expected, that doesn't mean that it isn't amazing and beautiful. It doesn't mean that there isn't some other parent who wishes that their child could do that. Sometimes we're hurrying so quickly towards the next goal that we forget to really celebrate the ones we've achieved.

So this might not count towards Candace's contest, but today I'm just going to list all the things that Charlie's accomplished. The things that I take for granted, but that many people thought he may never do. My miracle list:

  1. His heart beats steady and true with no medications.
  2. He swallows thin liquids easily.
  3. He takes every meal by mouth.
  4. He eats food of all kinds with no problems.
  5. He self feeds (with his hands).
  6. He holds toys in his hands.
  7. He plays with toys.
  8. He sees.
  9. He tracks moving objects.
  10. He rolls in both directions.
  11. He grabs his feet.
  12. He prop sits.
  13. He laughs.
  14. He drinks from a cup (very messily)
  15. He reaches for items of interest.
  16. He commando crawls.
  17. He watches TV.
  18. He rides in a grocery cart.

Yes, these are basic things, but they're the kind of things that we never knew if Charlie would accomplish. Life is never what you expect, but isn't it wonderful when it's surprising in a good way?