Saturday, November 28, 2009


I know I've been a lame blogger--my husband has been working 24/7 and that has left very little time me to sort through my thoughts and get them into any sort of coherent format. I've written a LOT of individual paragraphs, but no one post. His big project is due on Monday, however, so hopefully I'll get a little normalcy after that. Right now it feels like every day is week day and I'm starting to get confused. I was sure today was Monday. It wasn't.

I am, however, having a lot of things going on with my online business. I've got a sale going on--25% off everything in the store when you type in the code Holiday at checkout. I'm also doing giveaways all this month on my Facebook page. This week I'm giving away a free print or pack of stationery, so go leave me a comment and see if you win. The giveaways will get bigger as we get closer to Christmas so keep an eye out!

So that's it! Go forth and shop!