Friday, November 13, 2009

Good Things

In no particular order, some thing that are making me happy:

  1. The Cure Pity website brought to my attention by Felicity. If it doesn't make you smile at least a little then you might want to have your pulse checked.

  2. Winning this pair of earrings from Amy's giveaway--her sister made them and they are delicate and beautiful. And purple and gold, which is a big deal in my neck of the woods. My camera isn't doing them justice, but they are beautiful and only seven dollars if you wanted to buy a pair. Go check out her site--also, 30% of her profits go directly to charity work in Africa so you can look good and feel good.

  3. This post on Flotsam Blog--mostly because we are ob-sessed with Signing Time over here.

  4. This song by Cowboy Mouth--my favorite line being, "if you do it at all, then you oughta do it right." So true.

  5. We're headed to Plano next weekend to learn some new ABR exercises for Charlie. These exercises have been so good for him I'm literally dying to go learn some new ones.

  6. My brother and his fiancee are getting a puppy--she looks like a doll and I get to meet her this weekend.

  7. So far so good on the Phenobarb wean. Really, he's probably still got plenty of it in his system, so this isn't the biggest deal, but I like to look on the positive.

  8. Charlie met another goal in physical therapy--sitting (no prop) for twenty seconds. Next up: thirty seconds!
  9. Charlie's dancing:

Now go up there, click on one of those videos and rock out a little--it's the weekend!