Monday, November 2, 2009

Good Things--OMG Edition

This one's short, but man we've had a great couple of days around here.

  1. All the wonderful advice and encouragement I receive on my last post.
  2. Charlie can now sign "cup" fairly consistently. He's still doing it mostly when prompted, but at least twice now we think he's done it independently. Progress!
  3. Charlie's right hand, which is usually fisted when he's awake, is starting to open up. He's even managed a couple of normal claps which he's never done before (usually it's more like he's slapping a fist).
  4. Charlie has started taking steps with his left foot. We still have a LONG way to go in the walking department, but this feel nothing short of miraculous. Walking of any kind feels like a complete bonus--we were assured he'd be in a wheelchair and it just surprises me that he may also be able to get around the house on his own.
  5. I found a girl who wants to sell my stationery and custom alphabet canvases. She's a local entrepreneur type whose been super-successful selling in other people's stores and now she's opening her own little boutique where my stuff will be available on a comission basis. I'm sooooo excited to be working with her. So. very. excited.

That's all!