Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Well, my grandfather passed away last night.

We've known it was coming, but I think that I can honestly say that I haven't accepted it yet. I'm still thinking that we have a little more time. My mom is clearly devastated and her brother is very flat. My mother's mother died when she was very young and it's been just the three of them for a very long time. I'm pretty much just sitting around trying to fill the silence and do whatever needs doing.

I started a project about a month ago where I began scanning my grandfather's pictures into my computer. My intention was to create a book that contained all the pictures with spaces so he could write down any recollections. I think I will continue the project because it's like a piece of history. He lived in New Orleans before things like suburban sprawl and the interstate. His father belonged to one of the oldest social clubs in the city and so did he. He attended Tulane University and ate at Commander's Palace almost a century ago. His ties to this city are part of me and part of my attachment to New Orleans.

He's the small one on the left.

I am so glad for this time that I've had with him. I lost my other grandparents almost ten years ago at a time when I was just beginning to appreciate them and understand their unique value. While I am saddened to lose him, I know that he is in a better place and that he lived a full life.

This was probably a completely incoherent ramble, but sometimes that's all you've got!