Friday, January 9, 2009


I know some people are here for the Charlie news and there hasn't been a whole lot of that lately, so I figured I'd update.

Charlie is now nineteen months old. I don't know how he got so old, but apparently time is not standing still and he gets older every day.

Sometime in the last month or so Charlie decided that he'd like to be independently mobile. He commando crawls everywhere. Before it was a couple of yards, but now he's just truckin'. I'm right on the edge of baby-proofing my house because one minute he's playing with his leap frog table and the next minute he's three yards away and chewing on my purse. I'm completely delighted and love finding all the funny situations that he gets himself into with this new-found mobility. I wasn't completely sure this day would ever get here, so it's doubly good.

Charlie is also developing some other behaviors that I am less crazy about. He is shrieking and shouting all the time. My husband is thrilled, but after about an hour of his little chants I start to get a headache. I know, I'm a terrible mother, and I'm really glad that he's making noises and communicating and all that, but OH MY HEAD! It's like he's a chatty two-year-old, but with no actual words just ah! uh! arrrrrrr! heeee! guh! gah! Please pray that he gets some communication skills soon. Please?

Also, Charlie has been recovering very slowly from his last illness. He tires out in the middle of his therapy sessions sometimes even cries which is not like him at all. He's gaining strength, but it's hard on me when it's hard on him.

I guess the final bit of news would be to say that I we are thinking about trying yet another wacky, alternative therapy. The therapy is called Feldenkrais and a woman we met in Canada raved about the results that she'd seen in her child. Most of us ther were doing traditional therapy and I have to say that her kid was a Feldenkrais kid and he looked really good. It might be a coincidence, but I'm thinking about checking it out anyway. So far as I can tell, it's a method of gently moving the body to teach the brain new movements. I'm not sure about the lingo, but I do know that Charlie does well when you guide him through movements you want him to do. He continues to make progress in traditional PT, but I'm curious about this and willing to check it out. I found a woman who does it in our area and her rates are reasonable, so I'm going to try to set something up. Also, I'm thinking about cancelling our private PT. I've been pretty disatisfied with the situation there for awhile, and if I cancel that then it would probably free up our schedule for Feldenkrais. I guess I'll just have to figure it out. We'd still have two days a week of PT plus all the PT we do ourselves, so I don't think he'd be missing out.

So, there's your update!