Friday, January 23, 2009


Well, we went to our first Feldenkrais appointment today and I thought I'd share.

The lady practices all the way down in the Quarter and I got a little bit lost on my way down there. Luckily, my little brother is a wiz at directions and got me there almost on-time despite my wanderings.

The woman was very nice, with long hair, a flowing dress, and bare feet. She had a black standard poodle name Boogie who hung out with us.

I can't really explain Feldenkrais even though I sat there and watched the entire session. It's kind of like she's stimulated different muscle groups with massage, but she's also moving him through various movement like yoga. She described Feldenkrais as "educational."

She feels strongly that Charlie will benefit from multiple visits a week since that is what is recommended. He normal rate is seventy-five dollars for a visit. She is going to charge me that for our weekly visits, but if I'm able to make it over any additional times during the week then she'll only charge me twenty-five dollars for that session. I get the impression that she's excited to be working with Charlie.

I got lost coming home too. I'm definitely going to need to spend some time with a map if we're going to be going there regularly.

I'll admit that I'm apprehensive about this new therapy. Mostly, because it's a lot of money and time. Charlie seemed to enjoy it, though, and I've decided to give it six months and I'll re-evaluate then. For now, I'm jumping in and giving it a try.