Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Anatomy of an Art Application

I (not so) wisely posted on my blog that I wanted to enter a Mixed Media Art Show. I did this in an attempt to get my butt in gear. Well, let me tell you how things went.

Sunday: Look at upcoming week in planner. Notice that entries are due Friday. No biggie, I decide--plenty of time. The paintings are already finished--how hard could the application process be?

Monday: Hook up new scanner and scan in some paintings. Feeling good.

Tuesday: Look at prospectus and realize that scans are not accepted--only photographs. Realize that it's too late to get any good light and I will have to get up early, take new photos, and drop off entry at the post office.

Wednesday: Get up early and take photos. Realize paintings are unsigned. Paintings may not be altered from the photographs, so I sign my painting, finish the edges, and take another set of photos. Burn photos onto a CD. Check prospectus, find errors in my entry package and correct them. Create labels for CD. Print and fill out entry form. Stress unnecessarily over the blank labeled "value" for each painting.

Realize that it's too late to drop entry in the mail. Decide that I will have to hand-deliver it tomorrow. Fill out entry form again because I didn't like the way that the first one printed out.

So. . . hopefully I didn't do all this running around for nothing--fingers crossed! In other news, I found out that I can enter three paintings on one form, so I entered the two in my poll and a third one. You may start to notice a theme.