Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not the Day I Had Planned

Charlie did not have therapy today. His OT is at a feeding conference somewhere, so we had the whole day to ourselves.

As I mentioned yesterday, the only thing on the agenda for today was a trip to drop off my application for the art show. I stayed up late trying to get in some therapy hours, Charlie got up early and we hung out for a while and then he took a nap. I took one with him. We were ready to go at about eleven and I thought I'd hit McDonald's since there wasn't a thing in the house and both Charlie and I will eat Chicken Nuggets.

I'm sure I've mentioned that I live in a small town. Well, today they had an inspection sticker check-point set up and they were ticketing anyone who didn't have an inspection sticker.

When I moved down here from Arkansas, I was a little overwhelmed with the brain injured baby, the hydrocephalus diagnosis, the subsequent brain surgery, the epilepsy, and the subsequent house arrest ( because of the medicine we were taking). Somehow, I forgot to register my car in Louisiana OR get a Louisiana driver's license. I'm sure there are normal people out there that take care of things like this, but truly and honestly I hadn't thought about it in awhile.

So when I pulled up to the check point I:

Had no inspection sticker.
Had an expired registration from another state.
Had an expired driver's license from another state.
Had an expired insurance card ( I have insurance--I just couldn't find the card).

I was completely honest with the officer: I told him that I knew the stuff was expired, I wasn't going to waste his time telling him some story, and that I was prepared to deal with whatever punishment I received. He actually let me go, but told me that he could have had my car impounded in addition to about a bazillion tickets. NOT COOL! I think he only let me go because I had the baby in the car and he didn't want me to have to walk home.

I figure I've got to take care of this, so I go back to my house, call my insurance company, gather up some paperwork, and head to the DMV. Actually, I called my mother who agreed to accompany me to the DMV because trying to do anything with a one-year-old who can barely sit much less stand, is a chore.

At the DMV they won't issue me a new license because my old one is expired and I don't have a copy of my birth certificate. They would let me register my vehicle, but I decided to wait til I'm doing the license so I can take care of everything all at once. So tomorrow I get to go back to the DMV from hell again. Yippee.

In other news, I did manage to get the application thing taken care of. It is a juried show and I have no idea if I'll get in as I know very little about the show and what kind of works they've shown previously. I figure, nothing ventured, nothing gained.