Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I think Lisa coined the term inchstones on her blog. An inchstone is one of those tiny steps that your special needs child takes on the way to a major milestone.

Charlie had two inchstones yesterday.

Yesterday, for the first time ever, at eighteen months of age, Charlie sat in a shopping cart. I had a padded cover on it and he managed the entire time I cruised around Lowe's. He did have to keep a hand down for support and balance, but this is such a big thing for us. I MAY be able to switch us over to an umbrella stroller now.

Also, yesterday, Charlie sat with no hands down for about five seconds. His physical therapist was strapping him into his theratogs and he was playing with two rings in his hand and he just sat up playing with them--no hands down.

My boy is doing well.

In other news, I suspect that Charlie is allergic to milk. Since we started ABR, he stopped refluxing almost completely. After a while I noticed that he mostly just spits up his bottle. This started when he was about nine months. I spoke to another mom whose child has a milk allergy and she said that it also showed up at about nine months. We've had three days without milk and we've had three days without spit up. Today, we tried Lactaid milk and that seemed to stay down. I guess I need to schedule an appointment with our pediatrician to see what he thinks.

Also, my new, super-duper awesome scanner has shown up and I have scanned in some of my paintings. I love, love, love this scanner and owning it is going to enable me to make prints of my paintings. Here's one of the two paintings I posted before; this time I scanned it in and you can see how much better it shows up.