Monday, September 15, 2008

Trying to Update

So I've not been the best about updating this space recently. Basically, I'm just now getting back in the groove. Also, the computer I use most-often has been infected with a very annoying virus. We thought we were going to have to get rid of it completely, but I'm going to try a few things before we go that route. At the very least I'll be able to get all my pictures off of it. Still, I haven't really gotten used to using the laptop exclusively.

I made a major decision. Tomorrow I should be going with Charlie on an air plane bound for New York. I decided, however, that we're not going to go. We are still in the process of running tests and making sure that Charlie's medications are correct and that his shunt is working properly. I can't in good conscious take him on an airplane (pressure issues) and to a strange city. I hate this because what are the chances I'll ever go to New York on my own? Probably nil. Sigh. I know I'm making the right decision, though.

In good news, Charlie is showing a real interest in commando crawling. With a little help he's started to pull himself along the carpet with his arms. Unfortunately just a couple of pulls and he's all worn out. I'm sure that he'll get better and stronger the more he does it. His PT was just thrilled today when she saw him doing it.

I guess the final bit of news is that I am still pursuing that business idea. I've figured out start-up costs and equipment. Now, I'm down in the knitty-gritty of the creative side. I'm almost at the point where I'm ready to talk about it. Almost. That is also taking up big chunks of my spare time.

I'm busy; things are good; that is all.