Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Progress and Stuff

Charlie and I have had head colds this week, so I'll use that to explain why I haven't been posting. Truthfully, I feel pulled in a lot of directions and it's hard to organize my brain enough to put together a meaningful post.

Charlie is making some progress and I thought it was worth noting. Charlie is drinking from a sippy cup by himself (on occasion). He's understood the concept for a while, but hasn't been strong enough until recently. Feeding is going well. He's been eating two full meals and either a snack or a third meal every day. It's getting to the point where he complains if we're all at the table and he's not getting something to eat. He's also getting more than twelve ounces of liquid every day. He hates to drink, but we're getting pretty close to twenty ounces on some days. He's chubbing up nicely and my back is sore as a result.

We continue to work on the commando crawling. He's getting better at it, but he does seem to drift to one side--I'm assuming that this is because one side is tighter than the other. The most exciting part is that he seems to be needing less and less input from me to go--hopefully, he'll be going without me one day.

Supposedly we have a new speech therapist and I'm just waiting for her to call. I hope this is a good fit for us because I HATED the idea of "firing" the other girl.

We've started doing "math" with Charlie and he really enjoys it. I enjoy it too since math is always easiest to plan for. I have lessons plans plotted out from now til the end of the year.

The final bit of news is that I think that Charlie is ready to begin learning how to walk. My family was pretty incredulous at this--how can a child learn to walk when they can't crawl? The thing is, when your child has a host of issues, you need to begin early and not necessarily after the completion of the last developmental stage. I am hoping that ABR will improve things, but I can already see that his right arm may inhibit true crawling. Anyway, they make walkers that have little sling seats and I think that something like this might be the key to getting Charlie up. He loves to stand with his Daddy and he's pretty good at holding himself up with his arms. I'd love it if we had a place around here that had a treadmill and an overhead support system, but I'm not sure they exist in my area.

So. . . that's what we've been up to.