Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Those Pictures I Promised (and a video too)

Charlie really is making visible improvements. The thing is, they aren't really photo-worthy OR they are difficult for predict. For example, yesterday morning I distinctly heard him say "me me." This is great because he doesn't make the m sound very often, but it's not something you can snap a picture of.

One thing I can photograph: Charlie is really into biting. He bites EVERYTHING. He's bitten me, two grandmothers, and our friend's daughter so far. My husband swears you can see it coming, but I didn't. Here's a picture of him nibbling on his stroller. This is significant because it means that he has the strength and the vision to see the bar, pull up on it, and then hold himself there to chew. Kind of blows my mind how much he's doing these days.

Here's a picture of the cute curls he's been getting on the back on his head. Here he's just holding himself up so he can see better as we take a walk around the neighborhood.

Finally, here's a picture of his commando-crawling behavior. I don't know if it's clear, but he's definitely strong enough to do it--you just need to help him by touching different parts of his body. Often I have to help out with the right hand. I would say that his motor planning is a bigger deficit than his strength. He knows what he wants to do--he just can't get all the steps straight.