Friday, September 5, 2008

Click Your Heels

It would be nice if you could just click your heels and be home, but in real life you have to drive, fly, or walk.

We drove home yesterday and made pretty good time considering all the other people on the road who were also on their way home. We did amazing stuff like showering in our own showers and sleeping in our own beds. Heavenly. Today the Hub is back to work and things seem pretty normal.

Charlie is looking good although he still has the stuffy nose that he had when we started the trip. I'm not completely convinced that he was ever having problems with his shunt. I suspect it was more a case a exhaustion, dehydration, and having people stick you with needles for hours on end. We're still going to follow up with his home neurosurgeon just to be safe.

Now, I'm going get to work getting my house back in order.