Sunday, February 15, 2009


Well, I intended to update every day, but hanging out and having a good time won out in the end, so here's a recap of the rest of our trip. . .
I mis-typed the other day when I said that I was going to be learning five new exercises--I will be learning four new exercises. We are working on a new part of the jaw, the place where the neck meets the back, the sides of the rib cage, and the "clavicular groove." I like saying clavicular groove--I think it sounds like a crazy dance move.

Working on the rib cage area while Charlie naps.

Gavin, our trainer, spent a little time looking at Charlie's various moves and also his structure although they won't do a detailed evaluation until we return in May. He did say that the way Charlie rolls is excellent and indicative of progress, so that's a good thing! I told him a little bit about the work we're doing with Feldenkrais and he seemed very pleased to hear about that as well.

I guess the final thing that I'd like to say is to comment on one of the un-spoken benefits of ABR--all the parents. Parents who pack up their stuff and attend ABR training are their own breed--they are aggressively pursuing a lot of options for their child. I'm not saying that you have to go to ABR to be this way, but I do find that parents who are willing to fly to Canada to try an unproven therapy tend to be this way. I spent a lot of time trading information and "product reviews" with Fletcher's mom and that's extremely valuable to me. We also spent some time talking about our kid's structure and their various strengths. Erin gave me some ideas for working on speech and I showed her some of my favorite toys--I have a bit of a toy obsession. I am constantly trying out new toys to see if Charlie can work them.

Fletcher's mom and I. Apparently Charlie find picture-taking uninteresting.

So, we're getting ready to head home now. I had a blast in Plano, ate a ton of delicious food, and now I have four new exercises to try.

My SIL and I napping while Charlie plays.