Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Eagle Has Landed

Well, we had a supremely nice trip here and we are officially in Plano. We left from Baton Rouge around eleven-thirty and we were in the Dallas city limits by six-fifteen. This included some long stops for diaper changing/water/potty breaks, so I think that's pretty good time.

We stopped and got Taco Cabana for dinner, which means I've pretty much completed my personal to-do list.
We're staying at a hotel that was described as "recently remodeled." It would be more accurate to say that it is in the process of being remodeled. Our room is bright and shiny and everything looks new, which I love. There are rooms down the hall, however, that don't have doors.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the hotel had an indoor pool. I didn't have a bathing suit for myself, but I did let Charlie sit in the water and splash. We tried the pool last June and he didn't really like it. Today he absolutely love it. I think he could have stayed in there all night long.

Tomorrow we have a double session of ABR, so I'll try to update when I get a chance, but it may be late.

All of these beautiful pictures were taken by my SIL--aren't I lucky to have a such a talented photographer along for the ride?