Monday, February 9, 2009

Plano, Baby!

Well, we're sitting at home today while Charlie recovers from what must be his gazillionth illness. At this time last year, we were on house arrest and he was barely sick at all. This year, we're free to move about the country and he seems to be picking up EVERYTHING. This week it's a head cold of some type, which means sleeping propped up in the Boppy with Eucalyptus oil in his shirt. He's a toddler, so he hasn't grasped the concept of taking it easy. He'll crawl around for a bit and then cry because he's tired. We're not having therapy, so the day is stretching out in front of us with not a thing in store. It's pretty frightening.

We're resting up big time because on Thursday I'm driving to Plano, TX, for more ABR training. In case you've missed it, ABR is the alternative therapy that we do with Charlie to help with his cerebral palsy. I am SO FREAKIN' excited to be going to Plano, and believe me I couldn't care less that it's Valentine's weekend. My SIL is coming along for the trip and we're going to eat at Taco Cabana, do a little outlet shopping, and spend an evening watching television that our husbands don't approve of. Good times. Also, I'm going to have the chance to see some of the wonderful families that we met in Canada during our first training session. And, of course, there's the fact that I will be learning some new exercises to help improve Charlie's quality of life. He's gotten SO much stronger over the last four months and I can't wait to continue with that improvement.

As I'm writing this, I look over at Charlie who used to SIT on his right hand it was so useless to him and I am amazed to see that he is grabbing part of his Nursery Farm with his right hand. It takes a lot of concentration to use it, but today I'm thinking that CP can suck it!!!!! Hi-ya!