Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back and Forth

So. . . I hesitate to say that Charlie has been sick because I feel as if we are battling this yucky sinus/congestion thing nearly every week. I've paid out a bunch of co-pays and he never has a fever and never has an infection. He's always just an irritable, snotty, funky mess and it lasts a few days and then it's gone. Not surprisingly, when it's cool he feels better and when it warms up he feels worse. I think it's pretty clear that the kid is an allergy-fest. I may risk one more co-pay and see if he's old enough to take zyrtec or something. I don't like the idea of drugging my kid, but he snores like an old man and it's effecting everything else, so I think it would be worth it if we could put a stop to it.

Anyway, why am I whining about my kid's allergies? Not because it's interesting!

You see, on Monday we took Charlie out in his gait trainer (walking contraption). Quick aside here, when I first heard the word gait trainer I HATED it--I have no idea why. Moving on! So we took him out in his gait trainer and for the first time ever he was actually taking steps on his own. Just one step and then with a little help the other step, but this is a huge improvement over his previous work. By the time we finished the session his therapist was wondering if we should order him his very own gait trainer, so he isn't dependent on a loaner.

Well, on Tuesday the congestion started and he was so irritable and weak on Wednesday that I could barely get him to sit up right in his high chair, which is never a problem for him. Every time we put him in the gait trainer he just sagged it in it. Le sigh.

Now I've let him rest up and we've got a cold snap coming, so hopefully he'll be feeling better soon. In the mean time, I WANT TO PRACTICE WALKING!!!!! I am so impatient and I'm at the point where I'm dying to take a little video of his foot action, and he's just not sleeping well at night and this makes his pretty uncooperative during the day. Seriously, has a person ever died from impatience?

So, my baby's first steps:Yay!