Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Operation Fatty

I'm on a mission.

Since January Charlie's weight has flat-lined. Well, he gained a little, but not like before. He's hanging out at the very bottom of the chart and I really don't want him to fall off of it.

You may recall that in January Charlie took a very nasty medicine that aggravated his stomach. For a few days he gave up eating all together and then we introduced Zantac and things got better. Then, we removed thickener from his bottles and that made it easier for him to reflux (not that he's doing it on purpose). Also, he's really wanting to move around and sit more and all the stomach muscles clenching together also makes him reflux.

He never spits up a whole lot, but all the spitting up has made him a lot less interested in bottles. He eats solid food, but I guess I'm just not giving him enough.

Enter: Operation Fatty.

Today I fed him a small meal every two hours. Also, I need to convince my husband that Charlie can have fat and carbohydrates. He's really focused on vegetables, fruit, and protein, and while this is excellent food for a body-builder, I need to make sure Charlie has some baby-padding as well.

He's not skinny or underweight, but I don't want him to get that way either.

Any suggestions anyone has for fattening foods that kids like?