Monday, August 4, 2008

An Ending

My grandfather has been in wonderful mood since they told him that he was going to die.

You see, he is ninety-five.
He has served in one World War and two conflicts.
He was a lawyer and a judge.
He lived on two continents in three different countries.
He's outlived two wives and a girlfriend.
He raised two children by himself.
He graduated high school at age sixteen.
As we speak, he has a computer, an Internet account, and a cell phone.
He's done a cross word puzzle every day as long as I've known him.
He whistles all the time.
He has lived a full life.

This weekend they diagnosed him with lung cancer. He is refusing all treatment for the cancer and is going home on oxygen. He feels better than he has in months and is resting comfortably. Hospice has come in, which means the doctor has given him less than six months. When someone is ninety-five, you know they aren't going to be around forever, but still. . . it's sad.