Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday Rant

What She Wore: Black capris; black tee; gray, cable-knit, hooded sweater with a zipper; black and gray herringbone mary janes with two little straps.

Tis the season for a little ranting, right? Today I am trying to address Christmas cards. I like to send the photo kind of card--mainly because that is my favorite kind to receive. I love seeing how everyone is doing and growing. Here's the thing--I like sending CHRISTMAS cards. My card this year reads "Christmas 2007." As if we've all just graduated from the event. I hate that. I went to several sites and all the card I found said "happy holidays" or some other crap. Seriously, is it that hard to offer the option of a Christmas card? I know that not everyone celebrates Christmas--I'm not an idiot--but why can't I get any choices? The research I did shows me that there are about 150 million Christians living in the US. Surely I'm not the only one who wants to send a cute photo card. I've looked over the cards my Mother-in-law has recieved this year. A couple of them are religious is nature--they're also heinously ugly. Glitter, woodland creatures, and other business. Seriously, is being a Christian just un-hip and out-dated? Christmas is about celebrating a miracle and celebrating the reason for faith. Can it be that hard to make a card that says, "Merry Christmas?"

Personally, I think that most of us have just dropped the ball. We don't even notice that cards don't say Merry Christmas. We think that Happy Holidays is a synonym. For a lot of years it was OK with me. But this year is different. I'm celebrating my own miracle--my faith. I needed more than "Christmas 2007." Nothing out there could adequately capture the joy, the amazement, the revelation that this year has been. It's a shame.

End rant. Feel free to move about the cabin.