Sunday, December 2, 2007


What She Wore: old grey t-shirt; blue jean capris; brown strappy sandals. It is WAY too hot to be December.

Well, the Hub drew a line in the sand. He wanted to be moved into the new house by today. More specifically, he wanted to sleep in our new house tonight. Well, no such luck. We've got way more crap than will ever fit in this house. We are going to be having a free sale soon. Ever had a free sale? Basically, you get out all the stuff you don't want and invite your friends and family over to browse. When they leave, you pack the rest of it up and bring it to Goodwill.

I've also said that I'm not moving until he gets the cable and the internet set up. Do you know how boring it is to be a stay-at-home mom with no internet or TV? I'd go bonkers in the first three hours.

So, basically, it's kind of boring around here. Unpacking, getting ready for Christmas and the like.