Wednesday, December 5, 2007


What She Wore: a new pair of Levis; red and white waffle weave henley; a strange pair of keds that caught my eye--red with pointy toes and a black and white bow. Really, I can't tell if the stripes are navy or black, but I'm not sure it matters.

My mother is well on her way to getting out of the hospital. She had to stay in ICU a little longer than expected due to some fluid build-up in her lung, but otherwise things have gone well.

The recovery has, however, made my mother really really loopy. So loopy, in fact, that when I go to visit her I have to hide a smile. She's not on morphine or anything, so I can't figure out why she's so looped. She can't keep the names right in stories and she doesn't know what day it is. She tells stories that don't make any sense. I can't imagine what the people who call her are thinking. Really, I'm enjoying it. My mother is pretty serious and this is an interesting change of pace.

In Charlie news, he is doing great. I know he's not progressing like other kids, but he does keep progressing. He's now consistantly swatting at things over his head--even if they don't make noise. He even grabs them and gets them in his mouth pretty regularly too. The stretches have really helped his tight hamstrings and we're working on sitting up! I won't say that everything is perfect, but I've seen so much growth. Go Charlie!