Saturday, December 15, 2007

Life is Good

What She Wore: grey LSU long-sleeve tee; blue jeans; slip-on tennis shoes.

When we moved into our "new-to-you" house we had the heater replaced. It was putting out "greater than recommended" amounts of carbon monoxide. Now, the last thing you want to do is poison your family while they sleep, so we went ahead and got a new one before we officially moved in.

Wouldn't you know that the dang thing would stop working this weekend? Just in time for one of the few times this year when the temperature will dip below freezing. We've only been in the house about five days. We don't want to pay for a weekend service call, so we're back at my Mother-in-law's until Monday.

Even so, I'm feeling pretty darn good these days. Our follow-up with the nuerosurgeon was on Friday and the news was better than good. Not only are Charlie's ventricles shrinking (thank you, shunt), but his brain is expanding into the new space. This is basically the best news you can hope for when your kid has functional equipment lodged in their skull. But that's just my opinion. To top it all off, he's using his eyes to look on his bad side, his weight gain is steady, and he's looking more and more like a real-live boy all the time. I'll admit it--I'm thrilled. I could not have asked for a better Christmas present.

I realize that my view of my child is skewed--he looks in both directions!!! He reaches for toys!!! He can hold a sit for a few seconds!!! He will tolerate solid foods!!!--but that's OK with me. Every step forward fills me with awe.