Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm New at This

So today was the beginning of my legal odyssey otherwise known as Dear Lord Why am I Such a Jackass?

I may have mention before about my scrape with The Law and today I went to court to declare myself, "not guilty!"

My sweet little brother got all suited up and took me to the courthouse in his brand new lawyer-mobile.

We went in, I had to take off all my jewelry. They confiscated my key chair because it could be used as a weapon. Good times, really.

There was a little confusion and we ended up standing outside the courtroom when I really only needed to go to a window and fill out a form, but we didn't know that for a while. Outside the courtroom was a huge sign that read:

Tank Tops
Cell Phones

I looked at my brother very seriously and then pointed to the super-cute sandals I was wearing.

"The sign says 'no thongs.' Do you think these are going to be a problem?"

My brother in his navy blue suit and power tie looked at me, snickered and said,

"They're talking about underwear."


I go back in two months for my official Day In Court. Hopefully I'll be less clueless that time. I'll also wear closed-toe shoes, you know, just in case.