Friday, April 23, 2010


When I went to Blissdom '10 I was privileged to meet Kim the author of the site Mom Tried It. I'd never been to her site before, but Kim herself is warm, funny, and most importantly, full of heart.

Kim has been posting recently about how tired she is of hearing about how women hate their bodies. Hate is such a strong word, and yet, we hear it all day in this country. How sad that people are even turning it towards themselves.

So she decided to do something about it. Kim posted pictures of herself, in a bikini, on her blog--stretchmarks and all--encouraging women to accept themselves the way they are.

Tall order, right?

Well, Kim is right. It's time to stop hating our bodies and embracing them. As parents we owe it to our children to get rid of that sort of thinking. Especially those of us with special needs kids--we need to be emphasizing that there's more to people than the packaging we come in.

So go visit Kim and all the other brave women who are celebrating the skin they're in.

Me, looking and acting like a complete goofball. I really don't like post a picture of myself like this, but today I'm going for it!