Monday, April 19, 2010


This weekend we went to Earth Fest in our local park. I'm not sure what was particularly Earthy about it, but there was live music and the usual stuff for kids to play on, so we went. They've even got a water feature that Charlie enjoys.
I met up with a girl I knew in college. We weren't best friends or anything, but she now lives minutes away, has a child about Charlie's age, and perhaps most importantly, she works as an audiologist and does all the parish's screenings for Early Intervention and the school board. She gets special needs, and she's really positive about Charlie and the work I do with him.

I've noticed two things these days:

I've noticed that the people who I spend my time with all fall into one category--people who are accepting of Charlie. They might be people who know something about special needs--through their jobs or personal life, Internet buddies in the same boat, or even old friends who don't seem phased by this new development in my life.

I've also noticed that in the end, we're not that different--any of us. I find myself focusing on the similarities: picky eating habits, preschool worries, and Disney World. It might be a form of coping, but I like to know that we've all got some things in common. At the end of the day, focusing on what I have in common with other people makes me feel happier and more connected.

Tell me about your friends. . . do they understand you and your child? Do you feel like there's common ground? Have your friendships changed lately?

PS: I'm looking for ideas for upcoming Units--please tell me what kinds of things you'd like to see us study!