Tuesday, June 17, 2008


In most relationships there are a couple of words that mean one thing to one person and one thing to another. Here are a few from my house:

For me, clean means rinsed with soap and water.
For my husband, it means rinsed with water.

Almost the same, but when I'm picking up a dish off the counter and saying, "Is this clean?" it's a big deal

For me, changing a diaper means taking it off and putting on a new one.
For my husband, changing a diaper means checking to see if it needs changing, regardless of whether or not you actually put a new one one.

This second one is how Charlie went ELEVEN HOURS in the same diaper. Granted, he was asleep for nine of them, but I said change it and my husband checked and deemed the diaper still good.

Charlie peed down his own leg, so I think maybe that was a bad call.

Ahhhh, communication. . . the cornerstone of any good relationship. . . or so I've heard.