Monday, November 5, 2007

Day Five

What She Wore: Early on I was wearing wide-leg blue jean capris; a black pin-tucked, short-sleeve tee with a modified mandarin collar (I had to look that one up), and black and white houndshooth flats. Later I put on yoga pants and a t-shirt--I have to be comfy on the road.

I'm tired, so I'll keep this short, and tomorrow I'll probably post something long because I've got a lot of crap swirling around in my head, and it won't leave me alone until I write it down.

Driving from Arkansas to Louisiana, you cut through Mississippi. Somewhere along the way is a sign that reads:

Miss. Juvenile Rehab Facility.

Am I the only person who reads that and immediately pictures a girl in a sparkly pink dress wearing and tiara and a sash?