Monday, November 26, 2007

Day Twenty-Six

What She Wore: faded Levis; grey t-shirt; tennis shoes; Tulane sweatshirt. I borrowed the sweatshirt from my dad and I got more crap for that thing--got to get one of my LSU ones out of a box quick!

Well, I'm in box heaven now. It took the movers four hours. The police ended up blocking off the street since I live on one of the busy streets in my small town. I'm like a movie star or something--gotta have a police escort to move in!

I've got about five thousand ideas for sprucing up the place, but I'm going to have to get some focus--which project do I want to do first? The budget is tight since I'm not earning any money right now, so I've got to think smart. What to do first?

I know some people have asked for pictures and as soon as I get a new battery for my camera I'll put some up. Sorry I'm writing so little these days--this blogging every day thing is tough when you're moving.