Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day Twenty

What She Wore: Ratty blue tee, blue jean capris, funny red canvas shoes with a peep-toe and a bow. Workin' clothes!

Spent more time today peeling wallpaper--I should take a "during" picture to show the gigantic mess that I'm making. I'm making some discoveries about my little son as well.

When objects dangle in front of Charlie he waves his arms around, but doesn't make very much contact. He sort of looks like a deranged cheerleader. I was starting to wonder if he was trying to get them or if I was just imagining it.

Well, I shouldn't doubt the little guy.

The Vision Therapist taught us how to set up stations that made using vision easy. Basically, we hang brightly colored things VERY close, so he has a chance to reach them. My mother-in-law is a pro at this kind of stuff, so she bought one of those jingle bell things that people hang on their door knobs during the holidays. She suspended it from the kitchen counter and placed Charlie in his chair very close.

He starts waving his little arms.

Again and again.

Then, he made contact!

And again!

I got a view of his personality--determined. He will try and try until he hits that jingle bell and exibits far more patience than I could ever muster.

He may have challenges ahead of him, but I have no doubt that it's that determination that's gotten him this far.