Monday, November 12, 2007

Day Twelve

What She Wore: Gray running pants, blue t-shirt with a flower pattern, tennis shoes.

The baby has the stomach flu.

[Please insert a disgusting story about baby poop here.]

Today was supposed to be a well-visit, but instead it became a sick visit. Our pediatrician is also Charlie's special needs doc, and he seemed pretty pleased with how Charlie is doing. For those of you who don't know, the most common reaction to brain injury is physical--imagine someone you know who's had a stroke. Now imagine that happening to a baby. Overall, Charlie is stiff, but not too stiff. We'll know more as he gets older.

I've also begun plotting to start fixing up my new home. I'm lucky in that the old owner kept it in wonderful shape. It is still almost twenty years old, though, so I'm going to working on cosmetic stuff. First, I'm going to peel wallpaper, and then paint. I like a colorful home. After that, I don't know. All the trim is wood and I prefer white, so I suspect that will end up somewhere on the list. Ahhhh. . . the joys of homeownership.