Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day Seven

What She Wore: Blue jeans, black hoodie with a pink Fleur de lis on the sleeves, tennis shoes.

I went on my playdate today. I had a great time, but it did leave me feeling sad. The other girl's baby was a fire cracker--staring at you with her big blue eyes. Charlie has a ways to go. He improves day to day, but his lousy vision really keeps you from feeling like he's present. He'll smile at a cell phone ring, but doesn't glance your way when you call his name. He doesn't pick up toys, but I think there's little incentive when they're hard to see. It's difficult when you don't have anything you can DO. I just have to wait and see how he develops--slowly but surely is my hope.

Who knew a playdate could be so hard?

I'll do it again, though. Life may slow down, but it doesn't have to stop.

Oh, and I did grab the chair. I'll take a "before" picture, and an "after" once I've got it spruced up.