Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Don't Know How You Do It

Lately some of my posts have garnered the comments, "Where do you find the time?"

I feel like I have to answer that one. The time factor is actually pretty simple:

1. Dishes pile up in my sink.

2. Floors go unvacuumed far too long.

3. Laundry gets piled up and ignored.

4. My family eats a LOT of meals from Stouffer's.

5. My business doesn't get the attention it deserves

6. We've got things around the house that need to be repaired--but we never get to them.

and so and and so on. It's far from perfection over here--in fact, sometimes it's just a big old mess--really--look in the background of my pictures.

Every day I get up and I have only one priority--Charlie. After that it's my husband, and then probably this blog and way down on the list are things like housekeeping and cooking dinner, and other things that are priorities for other people. A lot of times I feel like a complete failure as far as "home-making" is concerned.

But I can live with a messy house. Right now, my energy is on Charlie. I can sweep when I'm old. I can promote my art when I'm old. Babies don't keep.

Fish banjo--idea taken from Gymboree and modified for our theme. Look at that right hand use!