Saturday, January 9, 2010

Katy to the Rescue

Most Saturdays my husband gets up and goes through the usual routine with Charlie and I sleep in. I'm aware that this is an incredibly great deal and I take full advantage, staying up late Friday nights working on my art, updating my blog, etc.

You can imagine my dismay when my husband came in five minutes after getting up to tell me that our pipes had frozen in the night.

We have a raised house, so our pipes are exposed. Every other night this week, we'd diligently run water to prevent freezing, but last night we were exhausted and forgot. We had covered them with insulation, but apparently it wasn't enough.

I don't want to do anything in the morning and if you told me the house was on fire, I'd ask you to come back and get me in five minutes. I told my husband to go get Chick-fil-a for everyone when he got back we'd figure something out.

My husband, ever the engineer, was not at all impressed with my idea. He stomped around the house; he started complaining about not being able to brush his teeth. He went outside and stared at our pipes, testing the outdoor spigots. He wasn't actually doing anything though--just sort of pouting and getting really upset.

Well, he's a planner and I'm a doer. With a V-E-R-Y dramatic sigh, I got out of bed and just started putting on all kinds of clothes. This is as cold as it gets here in Louisiana and I figured if I was going to be outside all day messing with the pipes, then I should wear layers. So, dressed in my pajamas plus a turtleneck, plus faux snow boots, plus a huge winter coat, I told my husband to hook up an extension cord and I went and got my hair dryer.

You see, last week, Tiffany had told us on Facebook that her father had used a blow torch to unfreeze their pipes. I don't own a blow torch, but I do have a 1400 watt hair dryer and I'm not afraid to use it.

So out I went, Hubby still looking totally dejected, and I kid you not, I had the water running in five minutes.

It seems that it was only frozen right at the point where it comes out of the ground. Once I warmed that up, the water was flowing again.

I thought Hubby was gonna cry he was so happy.

And then I got Chick-fil-a.

It was a good morning.