Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Whining 101

I'm usually loathe to complain in any way about Charlie or raising him. I live in mortal fear that some parent will Google "brain damage," end up here, read my ravings, and then begin an immediate spiral of despair.

Like I ever had that much power.

I suspect, however, that what we're dealing with is more of a two year old thing and less of a disability thing although my knowledge of typical two year olds is limited to blogs and my friends' random Facebook postings.

You see, Charlie's developed a case of whiney woos. That's a technical term, but whiney woos are easy for even a layman to spot. Just look for the whining. Charlie whines if I leave the room, if I eat and don't give him any, if I run water and don't give him a bath, if a therapist shows up, if I take too long making his meal, if he wakes up and isn't immediately greeted, or if he doesn't like the current video selection.

So, basically all the time.

It's a L-OT of whining.

I guess it could be worse--there could be tantrums, but this business is getting so old it's starting to collect Social Security.


In other, completely un-related news, I'm thinking about having my ears surgically removed. Any thoughts?

Pictures of practice eating with a fork. He's got the motion right, but his stabbing still needs work.