Monday, January 11, 2010

Good Things

Today I'm celebrating the small things. . .

  1. Nose picking! Look how well he gets that pointer finger out. Also, he'll kill me one day for posting this.

  2. Hats that are too small! I don't know if you've heard, but CP kids are infamous for being diagnosed with microcephaly a.k.a small head. The insinuation is that your child's brain isn't growing properly. Whether I believe that or not is a completely different story, but still. . . head growth, yay!

  1. Last week's episode of Desperate Housewives. A special needs storyline where they really got it right. Also, raising a special kid felt good in the end, which is such a change from the usual pity party. I will confess to some crying, but is that really surprising?
  2. Meeting another epilepsy mom. We're having lunch this week. Funny thing, I say something about epilepsy and people will say, "does Charlie have epilepsy?" Ummmm, yeah, and he's had it for quite a while. Epilepsy just means that he's had seizures, which they know, but for some reason that word makes them anxious.

  3. Blissdom '10. I'm going . The wrangling involved was enormous (babysitters! for two separate work days!), but I'm getting three days of fun and hopefully I'll have all sorts of good things to share when I get back.

Seriously, life is good!

**Note: Erin pointed out that it looks like Charlie is eating his boogers--he's not! These pictures were taken on different days and even at different houses**