Monday, January 25, 2010

Happiness 101

Well, Cristin over at Tiptoeing Through the Tulips nominated me for a Happiness 101 award. Normally I'm terrible at awards. In fact, I had a dream the other night that someone nominated me for a Lemonade Award and I couldn't remember who. Note to self: get off the computer--you're dreaming about the dang thing now.

So! This one is easy and totally in-keeping with my year-long quest to celebrate. I'm supposed to name ten things that make me happy.

1. At the top of the list has got to be the Saint's victory over the Viking last night. Some dummy said the New Orleans needed this win to recover. I'd like to call BS on that one. We didn't need this, but man on man are we enjoying it. One woman I follow on Twitter brought her grandmother's ashes to the game. Seriously.

2. Whenever you walk past Charlie, he sticks his hand out to you like, "pick me up!" So cute.

3. Hours of work on Charlie's shoulders has finally paid off and when I go to put the tray on his high chair, both arms come up in the air as opposed to lefty coming all the way up and righty lagging behind

4. Shoe shopping. Blissdom has become the ultimate shopping excuse. I've already bought more pairs than there are days of the conference. Don't tell Hubby, OK?

5. My good friend has returned from a four month stay in Iraq all in one piece.

6. Another friend is having a baby in 2010!

7. My brother is getting married! Next month. He and his fiance have been dating for almost nine years. If you ask my brother why it took them so long, he'd say, "we don't want to rush things." Um, mission accomplished.

8. Jack Bauer--I'm on season five of 24 and I'm Lo-ving it!

9. How I Met Your Mother--even Hubby likes the show and I'm already quoting it.

10. My art. Good things are happening: Group shows, maybe some other things. I'd share more, but right now I'm a little gun-shy after my last experience. I'll keep you posted.

Ten Blogs that Make me Happy (I'm naming some non-special needs peeps as a horizon-broadening exercise):

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Whoo! That's a lotta linkin'!

***** I wanted to edit this and add that no one should feel, ya know, obligated just because I linked them. I often get all tense at the idea of writing to a promp, so NO PRESSURE!****