Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Taking Care of Mama

My life pretty much revolves around my family these days. There's appointments, laundry, dishes, sometimes meals, more laundry, boring errands and a bunch of other things that just sort of become your responsibility when you stop having a regular job. So I think it's more than fair to occasionally take a little time for myself. So, I've been "taking care of myself." This is a nice phrase, but execution is a little murky. My Chick-fil-a addiction is pretty fierce, so I'm not going to mess with that just yet. I haven't bought any more alcohol. That's not quite the same as giving up drinking, but it effectively cuts my drinking down to almost none. I also told my husband to stop buying ice cream. This one hurts a little, but I'm getting used to it. The proliferation of Halloween candy has helped.

I also decided to exercise and so far I've had what I would generously call mixed results. I started out with little ten minute workouts and finally decide to upgrade to a DVD I used to do pretty regularly. Well, I must have been in better shape back then because twenty minutes in I was panting and tripping and sweating. I may not have mentioned this before, but I don't sweat. If moisture is gathering on my upper brow then that's a sure sign of impeding doom. My husband was shocked. And did I mention the tripping? There's something so undignified about tripping over your own two feet.

But I've kept at it. I did the video a few more times and now I can actually finish all thirty minutes. I'd like to work in some yoga in too. I did a ten minute routine and it's pretty cool. I'm going to look for a DVD with longer routine. I don't really have a still personality, so it's a stretch for me--but in a good way. I'd also like to do a little running. Not a lot of running--that's not my style. I have absolutely no desire to run a marathon on a triathlon. None. I do think it would be good if I could run a mile or two without dying though. You know, in case there's an alien invasion or something.

I'm not in danger of becoming Miss Fitness America, but it's something.