Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Good Things

In no particular order, things that are making me happy:

  1. Visited the neurosurgeon today and we don't have to go back or get a CT scan for another year. Hooray!
  2. Meeting a young man in the neurosurgery waiting room who has the same wheelchair we just ordered for Charlie. He said it's his fourth one like that and man, it moved sooo smoothly. Very cool.
  3. Not being on quarantine any more because that business was BORING.
  4. Discovering a new series of mystery novels that I really like (well, they're new to me).
  5. A young woman in the French Quarter passionately kissing her significant other who just so happened to be in a wheelchair.
  6. This five dollar bath chair that Charlie's physical therapist lent us--he's having so much fun splashing in the water.

  7. Getting the house decorated for Halloween.
  8. Getting a pumpkin at the French Market this weekend (if the weather will cooperate).
  9. Free concert in the park by my house this weekend.
  10. The University of Phoenix's ad campaign I am a Phoenix. I love the concept of putting your life back together after tragedy, of rising above the wreckage. I actually painted a lot of phoenixes at one point. They even have stories online for inspiration. Too cool.
  11. This amazing video that ABR creator Leonid Blyum put up on his blog. Warning: Leonid talks a LOT, but his results are crazy-impressive. This kid had a rating of 5 on the gross motor classification system for cerebral palsy, which means they don't expect that he'll ever move independently. In two years, this child was prop sitting and commando crawling. If that isn't a complete WOW then I don't know what is. Really makes you hopeful.
  12. This post by Ellen, This post by Cristin, and Candace's invention of the term "miracle veteran."

Gosh, I know there's more, but that's it for today.