Sunday, July 19, 2009


For the record, you guys are all about a Charlie update, so I'm just gonna go ahead and let loose with the mommy-dribble over here. I'm not gonna lie, it could get ugly.

The most exciting thing to happen to me this weekend, however, doesn't actually involve Charlie or my bathroom or the new Harry Potter movie.

My husband bought me a new computer.

We haven't plugged it in or anything, but let me tell you, this is some good stuff. The computer I'm currently typing on is old. OLD. I believe it receives social security. It' so old that when I bought all of my fancy, crazy-expensive Adobe products last year, they wouldn't even install on this computer. WOULDN'T INSTALL! So, I had to put them on my lap top and my life ever since has been back and forth between the two computers with a flash drive and inevitably, whatever file or picture I'm looking for is on the other computer and blah, blah, blah.

No longer. I'll be able to put all my pretty programs and my pictures on one computer. And my iTunes. I'm practically drunk with power.

Now let's see how long it takes my husband to actually set the thing up.