Monday, March 16, 2009

Yet Another Whiny Post About My Kid's Ears

I think the title pretty much says it all. After Charlie cried during his Feldenkrais appointment (that never happens), and refused to do a thing for his instructor (another favorite) I knew something was up.

When you have a high-need child, a certain amount of post-traumatic stress exists and it's hard to believe that your child might be suffering from something as benign as an ear infection or a sore throat, but I went ahead and scheduled an appointment with the pediatrician as a starting point. Well, it was an ending point too. His ear infections (that's two) aren't any better and they may be worse.

I realize that my child has heart surgery, brain surgery, feeding tube surgery, and a host of other fun procedures. I should not be this upset about an ear infection, but he's miserable, therapy is a bust, and I feel like I should be DOING something. I just have to give him this new anti-biotic and if he doesn't seem to feel better by tomorrow then I have to go back in again. It kills me to think about the hours of therapy that he's missing AND he's lost about two pounds since this whole thing started. ARG!

In other news, Charlie went to his first wedding reception and his first crawfish boil this weekend and as long as I keep the Motrin coming regularly, he seems to be in a good enough mood. He saw all his grandparents and all his aunts and uncles in about one twenty-four period and did just fine. I wore a really cute dress that spun out when I turned, but I forgot to get someone to take my picture. Oh well. I didn't let Charlie eat any crawfish since he's not quite two yet, but he did eat a lot of enchilada dip. In general, things are fine, but I will be even happier when I get my usual, happy-go-lucky kid back.

Having picture issues, so if you want to see Charlie at the crawfish boil, puruse my Flickr stream over there------->