Monday, July 26, 2010

Good Things

I've been having a fantastic week. So fantastic that I'm almost scared to blog about it, but whatever! The Law of Attraction people say to be thankful and I am. So, in no particular order, things that are making me happy:

  1. My talk at the library about social media was SO FUN! It really ended up being a rather long discussion about Facebook, but I knew the answers to everyone's questions and got good reviews from the audience.

  2. As a result, the library has asked me come back and do some more talks. I love this. I loved teaching and while this is a lot easier than my last gig, it's still a complete blast.

  3. I *think* that I've found myself a small job that will run through the months of Sept-Nov. I can work from home and it's very part-time, but it's nice to have something to do while Charlie is in preschool.

  4. A lady from the parish called to tell me that they will be considering Charlie's case to determine whether or not we may need more assistance in the home. This has caught me completely by surprise because I was told he would be seven or eight before they offered something like that. It's just a "consideration," but I'm still impressed.

  5. My blog design--things are going fabulously--I'm hoping I'll be able to share things this week, but you never know. Still, I'm excited!

  6. The Bird on the Street Facebook Page--today we hit 110 "likes." I am over the moon. When I started the page I was hoping for a couple of people. This has just exceeded my wildest expectations.