Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good Things

In no particular order:

1. These red plastic cups I found at Walmart. People like to hate on Walmart, but where else ya gonna get plastic cups? These look about a zillion times classier than the hot pink tumblers we’ve been using for the last few years. Squint hard and you can see the bubble pattern at the bottom that makes them look like antique glass or something. LOVE it!fourth 027

2. Pelicans. The Gulf thing is still bad, bad, bad, but I’ve seen a few Pelicans recently and that has improved my mood tremendously. I’ve also seen pictures of them releasing cleaned birds on the Atlantic coast, and while I miss them, I’m glad the birds are finding new, clean homes.

3. Charlie’s vision. His field of vision seems to be improving—he can actually make eye contact from over a yard a way, which is pretty darn impressive for a kid we used to think was blind. charlie-vision

4. Charlie’s voice. He doesn’t seem even a little interested in walking these days, but I DO think talking is starting to look good to the C-Man. When he’s really upset, I can ask him to talk to me and he babbles something. I don’t know what, but it’s a start.

5. This video of Caleigh testing out a power chair. I’m dying of jealousy. I can’t imagine what Charlie would do in a chair like that. Honestly, he’d probably head right on over and lick the TV—gotta have priorities, right?

6. My blog redesign. You heard it here first—Bird on the Street is getting a facelift, ladies and gentlemen. I figure I spend enough time on this space, I might as well spend some money and make it look just how I like. I’m really excited. 

6. The Blogging With Substance Blog Award that Mo has given me. That means a lot. Substance. All this time I thought I was just word vomiting on the page.