Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Coast

Have you met the Gulf Coast?

Have you seen her inviting white beaches?

Her teal waters?beach 121

The Gulf Coast is my beach of reference. I’ve come as a child, delighting in post-thunderstorm waves crashing around me. I’ve come as a teenager, too cool to actually enter the water, worrying about tans, boys, and beverages. I’ve come as a young adult—eager to relax and leave my so-called stresses behind. Now I come as a parent, introducing my own child to the waves and the excitement of finding the perfect sea shell.

This trip is colored with worry, though. I worry that the oil in the Gulf will ruin things, cut short the cycle of sharing this place with future generations. I worry that Charlie won’t remember this trip to see the beautiful beaches. I worry that this place will never be the same. beach 3 225

I hope I’m wrong.

But I ’m not sure.

beach 2 034